Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things You Just Don't Say

  So tonight Tessua and I were having one of our texting conversations, and it went a little something like this:

Me (talking about deployment):  "It's just one of those things that you don't really understand until you've been through one."

Tessua:  "Yeah, and then you get the people handing out advice..."

Me:  "I know!  Like when they say, 'Well it's not like you've never done this before.'"

Tessua:  "Agh! I feel like we need laminated cards to hand out...'Things No to Say to a Military Wife'.  We can count down from 10 or something.  Number one should be, 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder'."

Me:  "#2:  'At least he's not in Afghanistan'."

Tessus:  "Haha, unless of course, he is."

Me: "Let's not get technical. #3 should be 'I couldn't do that, that's crazy!'"

Tessua:  "Haha, I like that one.  I just say, 'Well I did, and I did it well.'"

Me:  "Nice, and #4 should be, 'Aren't you afraid he'll die?'  I'd like to just say, 'No, idiot, that never crossed my mind until just now'!"

Tessua:  "Yes!  People need to know better than to bring up death to a woman whose husband is deployed!  #NavyWifeIssues!  Idk if it exists, but it needs to!"

I vowed to google it, and apparently there already is a list (for the full list of things not to say, click here).  Sad times.  But!  There are no laminated cards yet, so I think we need to get to work on those!

  Not all my time has been spent griping about ignorance.  I've also been working on a few projects.  Of course, I'm going to share my favorite (so far) with y'all.  I was so proud of myself for finally making something that I had pinned on Pinterest that was neither food nor Monkey related.  They were these DIY coasters, and the turned out fabulously!

These are the ones I made for my sister.
  These were so easy to make, and they'd be perfect for stocking stuffers or a little something for a neighbor or the friend who has everything.  So here's what you'll need:

Plain white tiles from Home Depot (Mine were only $0.11 a piece)
Scrap-booking paper of your choice (or you can use photos, wrapping paper, etc.)
Mod Podge Gloss
Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel
3" foam brush
3/8" self adhesive felt pads

First, cut your paper (or photos) into 4x4" squares.

I love the 12x12" scrap-booking paper because you get 9 squares out of each sheet.

Using your foam brush, add a layer of Modge Podge to your tiles.  Next, place paper in the center of the tiles, running your finger over the top to get any bubbles out.  Allow to dry for 15 minutes.  Add three coats of Modge Podge over the top of the paper, allowing at least 15 minutes between each coat.  Wait at least an hour after the last coat before spraying with the Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel Spray.  
In a well ventilated area (preferably outside) apply 2 or more light coats (within minutes of each other) of the enamel spray, spraying in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping each coat.  Wait at least 30 minutes to fully dry.  Add the felt pads to each corner, and you're all finished!

These are the ones I made for myself.  
I loved the way they came out!
After seeing these, my mom requested a set.

  Well it's too late for me to do much else, so I'm going to hit the hay.  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a relaxing Sunday :-)

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