Sunday, June 21, 2015

If You Give A Dad A Donut

     Happy Father's Day to all you amazing daddies out there :-)  Monkey and I had planned to sneak out while we let her daddy sleep in to get donuts, but he was wide awake at 0600 with us, so he just came along for the ride. We came home with donuts, and Monkey presented him with a book we put together on Shutterfly

     I was inspired by the book "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" by Laura Numeroff, which was one of Monkey's favorite bedtime stories for a long time. Each line in our story is enhanced with a picture of J. He absolutely loved the book, choosing to read it aloud to us while we ate our donuts.
      This afternoon we'll spoil him a little more by taking him to see a movie. I thought I was going to play it smart by telling him he had a choice. He could come with Monkey and me to see the new animated movie, Inside Out, or he could go see Insidious 3 solo while I take Monkey to Inside Out. Now, that may sound like a trap, but J knows I HATE scary moves. I also know that J loves scary movies, so I thought this way he'd get to watch it, and I'd be off the hook. I forgot, though, that J is a bit sick and twisted in that he loves making me watch scary movies too. So he chose to come with us for the family movie, and promised to save the scary one for a night we can rent it at home and see it together.  Yay....