Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hi, my name's Aundraya....I'm addicted to sewing.

   I think I have a new addiction.  Look what I made today!

It's a pillowcase romper!

She's a pirate!
   I had a lot of fun making this one.  I found two tutorials that I followed. First, I used the steps for a regular pillowcase dress from this website.  I liked it, but then I found this one with the cute elastic around the pant legs, so I followed those instructions for the bottom half.  I think the end result was rather adorable.  To make it easy, though, I'll give you the full instructions of what I did.

What you'll need:

1 Standard size pillowcase, in the color/pattern of your choice
Elastic (I used 1/4" for the top and the bottom)
Ribbon (I used 3/8" Grossgrain)
Sewing Machine

Begin by cutting off the part of the pillow that is sewn closed, making sure to keep your cut straight.  Next, fold your pillowcase in half lengthwise.  On the seam side, draw a rounded L-shape that is about 5" down and 1 1/2" from the seam.  If your ribbon and/or elastic is a bit bigger than what I used, just make sure you still give yourself enough room to make the casing over the elastic.  Cut out the L-shape.  Unfold your pillowcase; you should have a nice U-shape now.  Next, while staying on the ugly side of the pillowcase, fold the U-shape down 1/4", and iron it flat.  Pull the curved parts as best you can (you can even use starch, if necessary).  Then fold them over another 1/4", iron them flat, and pin them in place.  Sew that in place, and repeat on the other arm hole.

Next, fold the top over 1/4", and iron in place.  Then fold again 1" and iron and pin in place (if you are using wider ribbon/elastic, make your second fold 1 1/4").  Sew your casing.  For the length of your elastic, measure your model from armpit to armpit, and subtract two inches.  (Ie, Monkey's chest was 12" so I cut 2 pieces of elastic to be 10" each.)  Snake the elastic through the casing.  If you need to, use a safety pin.  Once your elastic is poking out the opposite side, sew your ribbon to the end (make sure if you have a design on your ribbon that it's facing the right side), and then sew the elastic to the inside of the casing. Repeat on the other side.

  Next I tried the dress on my little monkey, and had to cut it down to size a good bit.  I wanted her shorts to be just above the knees, so I made a mark and (after taking the dress off of her) cut straight up the middle.  Using the top of the cut as a point of reference, I made another U-shape which would later be the crotch and thigh area.  Then I measured Monkey's thigh and subtracted 1".  I cut two pieces of elastic to that size.  Next fold the bottom of the legs 1/4" (you should be looking at the ugly side btw), press with your iron, then fold again to 1/4", press, pin, and sew.  Leave the U-shape untouched for now.

Next, pin the elastic onto each side of the leg hole just above the sewn edge.  Find the middle of the leg hole and the middle of the elastic and pin that so that you keep the elastic evenly spaced.  Next sew, making sure to stretch the elastic as you go.  Repeat with the other leg hole.  Now, with the pretty sides together, fold the U-shape at the crotch in 1/4".  Cut notches in it so it will curve well. Then pin in place and sew.  That's it!

   I love how cute this outfit is, and I love that it's not another dress!  This means Monkey can play however she wants without showing her panties off to the world or getting a dress tangled around her legs.  

Update:  My sister pointed out that Monkey's picture looked a lot like another famous photo, so let me present to you Ryleigh the Riveter!


  1. I LOVE all of her sassy little outfits! If I ever have a little girl I'm coming to stay with you to learn all of this stuff. :)