Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reality Check

    Tonight I had a much-needed mop night.  Not that my floors were all that dirty, but I truly needed the relaxation, and nothing else has been working.  As I was bent down sweeping a bit of dirt into a dust pan, my darling J walks up behind me and notices a few of the rashes that have been breaking out on my neck.  His question: "Do I really stress you out that bad?"  Growing up I was taught that honesty is the best policy, so my response? "Yeah; you do."  Bless his heart, he just nodded and accepted this.  Before long he headed upstairs to avoid my "craziness".

      I think there's something to be said for reality.  As one who loves to read and write, I have a hard time on occasion differentiating between fantasy and reality.  While J was deployed I would act out "real life" scenarios in my head.  Mop night was one of them.  I'd start piling things up on the couch to get them off of the floor, and he'd make a joke about a tornado coming through.  Laughing I'd hand him the broom while I got the Swifter, and we'd meet in the middle.  Then we'd each grab a mop and knock out the chore in record time.  I know it's so very corny, but I was really excited to try this with him.  Reality was nothing of the sort, of course.  Now that he's home on mop night I banish him and his dog to the upstairs half of the house and do everything on my own.   I think that maybe it's better that way.

   My husband and I are far past the can't-keep-my-hands-off-you, want-to-stay-up-and-watch-you-sleep type of love, but I think that in some ways, it's better that way.  As much as I love Beauty and the Beast, Gone with the Wind, and Pride and Prejudice, I know that that's not the real world.  Maybe love isn't being a prostitute who has a heart of gold and gets swept off her feet by a charming millionaire.  Maybe love is being a bit of a control freak and finding someone who accepts that, even if they don't always understand it.

    I guess I need to get off of the internet.  J is making sleep look a little too tempting.

    Well, what do you know?  I guess I still do like to watch him sleep.  :-)

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  1. :-D I have the same problem with separating fantasy and reality for the very same reason! Although, my "real life scenarios" don't involve mopping... They usually involve me and Jaime curled up and reading together, but that never happens either! :-p

    And while I don't get rashes from Jaime, he certainly stresses me out to the point of breaking out. I think I would rather a rash on my neck over a bunch of stress-zits on my face. O_o

    I'm glad you're still loving having him home! Even if he does get banished on mop night. Love you, cousin!