Wednesday, August 10, 2011


  Yes, I need help.  Yes, I'm well aware of that. Yes, I'm writing another blog about the letter "Q"....

  ...but I promise it'll be a short one :-D

  I just had to share these, because they came out so cute!  I found the idea here.  They're supposed to be name cards, but I think they're cute just sitting on Monkey's dresser.  Are you ready for this?

Q-tip Lambs!
   They were so much fun that I had to try one too.  ^ That one's mine, and here's Ryleigh's:

   They were fairly simple too.  Cut an oval shape for the body out of white card stock.  It'll probably work better if it's not as big as mine.  Those q-tips got pretty heavy.  Then cut a small circle for the head. You'll need two clothespins for the legs, and a ton of q-tips.  Cut the cotton part off, leaving about 1/4 inch of the stem on there.  And don't forget the Elmer's glue.

   For Ryleigh's I just rubbed the glue all over the body and let her go to town placing the q-tips however she wanted.
She's formulating her plan of attack.

"All done!"

   While hers was drying, she painted with q-tips a bit more, and I set to work on mine.  Basically, you have to line the q-tips up in a semi-circle, working from the back to the front.

Then you layer one semi-circle on top of the next.

   Once you've finished, and they've had time to dry, glue three little tips onto the forehead to give the little lamb bangs.  Then glue two longer tips to each side of the lambs head to form ears.  Draw a  little face.  I used a hot-glue gun to glue the faces on and to glue the clothespins to the back of the card stock to form the legs.

   Voila!  Q-tips lambs.

   Oh, and because we had leftovers tonight, I'm going to share a favorite breakfast recipe.  These are French Breakfast Muffins, and because I'm being lazy and my internet is annoying me again this evening you actually have to click the link to get the recipe.   That's right, no copying and pasting for y'all tonight :-P  Oh, and although I love these muffins, they are not all that the original poster makes them out to be.  So enjoy them because they are yummy, but don't expect to have some sort of food revelation because of them.

Monkey approved

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  1. I love the lambs! That is precious! If Jaime didn't leak wax out his ears like a broken faucet, I would be tempted to sacrifice some of our q-tips to make me one - I mean, to let Anna come over and make one with her. Yeah, that's it. :-p

    Also, in case I haven't said it often enough, I love Monkey's face when she's thinking. Or smiling. Or pouting. Or just about making any sort of expression! :-D She's absolutely adorable and I can't wait to see the three of you when you come to town! (I'm facebook messaging you a link to my calendar to help with coordinating visits when you come down!)