Saturday, February 2, 2013

Then they gave me drugs

     Well the teeth came out yesterday, and I am still here.  The anesthesia didn't kill me, but it sure put up a good fight after the surgery.  I'm feeling a lot better this morning, and I'm finally holding down some food.  My husband thought it'd be a good time to fill me in on all the randomness that came out of my mouth after the surgery was over.  Apparently there was a nurse who helped him get me into the car, and I told her she was too short, and that I'd crush her if I fell on her.  Once seated in the car, I kept grilling the poor nurse on whether or not my husband actually listened to the directions.  Apparently I expressed my concerns rather adamantly because she had to reassure me that they went over everything several times.  I responded, "Good, because he forgets things a lot!"  I remember this slightly because I heard the nurse reassure my poor husband that it was just the drugs.  Ha!  I think that was my only lucid moment.  Next J got into the car too, and was nice enough to video the following conversation:

     I have to give my husband props for being an excellent nurse yesterday.  He was really freaked out that I'd bite my tongue off from talking so much, but thankfully that didn't happen.  After getting me settled in at home, he helped me change my gauze and take my meds before making sure I was asleep so that he could go pick Monkey up from daycare.  Monkey has a pretty yucky cold right now, so he was going to bring her to a doctor's appointment, but they got into a wreck on the way home.  It wasn't a big thing.  No one was hurt, and his car was barely scratched, but they were too late for Monkey's appointment, so J was on double duty with two sick girls, and he did a fabulous job!  It helped that a really good friend of mine brought over some soup, bread and cookies for dinner, so that took some of the stress off of his shoulders.  Finally around 10:30, I was starting to feel like me again, so all I wanted to do was stay up, but poor J was exhausted.  He soldiered through an episode of The Big Bang Theory anyway before I let him pass out.

    Since I'm not allowed to have any real food, I want to share the recipe for the shake J made for me this morning, which was delicious.

Apple Pie Shake
1 pkg Spiced Apple Cider, prepared and chilled (We used Alpine brand)
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
Scoop of Whey Protein (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Enjoy!

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