Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Being a Navy Wife Means to Me

   I know that this is not something I blog about often, mainly because I use this blog to get away from reality for a while, but today I've been thinking a lot about my life and role as a Military spouse.  I've read all the cute sayings and heard all the mantras, and even repeated and shared a few of each, but I've never sat down and thought about what being a Navy wife means to me.  So here it goes:

To me, being a Navy wife means:

  • a lot of sleepless night, but the reward is the best sleep I've ever gotten the night he comes home.
  • being both mommy and daddy for at least six months out of the year, but getting to see my child's face light up when I say "Daddy's coming home" and again when he steps off that bus.
  • learning to let go of the little things.  After all, we only have so much time together.  Why not focus it on the important stuff?
  • knowing that every memory made together will be one that is played and replayed in my head over the length of time that he's gone.  So I had better make sure they're good ones.
  • giving more than I take.
  • learning patience.
  • learning how to bend.
  • trading things I wanted for a person I wanted more.
  • waking up every morning knowing that he'll be gone soon, and choosing to either push him away to make the separation easier or draw him closer while I still can.
  • saying "goodbye" to family only to learn that family doesn't just consist of those who share your blood.
  • learning that "home" really is wherever the Navy sends us.
  • writing a cheesy blog, and hoping the it will comfort some other military spouse who's been there too.

I saw this on Pinterest, and it just seemed to fit.