Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cheers to New Starts

   It's official!  I'm unemployed.

   I've been working for a while at a really nice company that was originally founded in Mobile before it branched out to Gulfport and Pensecola.  Due to recent changes, the owner decided it'd be best to close their doors on the Gulfport branch.  This means I'm out of a job, but I'm actually okay with this arrangement.  Well, more than okay actually, I'm excited!  With only XX amount of days left before J deploys again, I'm looking forward to some time at-home with him and my baby girl.

   I'm also looking forward to another new chapter in my life.  I will be returning to school in the fall.  I have been wanting to do this for a while, but the timing never seemed to work out.  Something always came up to get in the way. Yesterday, I went by the local community college to confirm that all of my financial aid is in order, and it looks like I'm all set to start school August 20!  I can't wait.  Being the nerd that I am, I've always loved school.  I excel in that atmosphere, so it will be good to be back in it.  It will also provide a good distraction while J's deployed.   Hopefully it will help the months pass by a little more quickly than last time.

   With all these new starts headed my way, I should have been out celebrating on this beautiful Spring day.  Instead, I was stuck at home sick while my husband and daughter were at the zoo with family.  Oh well, you can't have it all, right?

   I am feeling a little better now, so I think it'll be safe to share a drink recipe with y'all.

This Watermelon & Strawberry Lemonade was so good I almost drank the whole pitcher myself.

 You need:

8 cups cubed, seeded watermelon
1 cup strawberries, halved
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
3/4 cup sugar (original poster called for 1 cup, but I found that was a bit too sweet)
2 cups water

In batches, combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  This was so yummy; I'll certainly be making it again.

Cheers :-)


  1. We enjoyed our zoo date with your little family, but wish you could have come along, too! I'll be seeing all of you this week, though! :)