Friday, September 12, 2014

And That, Kids, is Why You Don't Let Your License Expire

     My birthday is July 4.  It came and went, and I celebrated it, and I had a good day, and I completely forgot that it had been 4 years since I got my license.  It expired, but I was in the middle of Adult Health I, and I didn't notice until it had been expired for about two weeks.  Being the responsible adult that I am, I procrastinated another week before making time to go to the DMV to get a new one.  I sat there for about 30 minutes before realizing that I had left my old license in my book sack at home.  I went home and decided to come back another day, as it was already afternoon at that point.  The next time I had time to go was about a week later, and I had been much more on the dot about calling ahead to make sure I had all the paperwork I needed.  Unfortunately, it must have not been the right papers, because the crabby lady behind the desk threw my papers back at me (literally) and told me to bring different papers.  After that, of course I wasn't too thrilled about going back, so I think it was about the second week of August that I finally dragged myself back in there.  J came with me at this point because his license was about to expire.  This time it seemed like smooth sailing.  I had not forgotten anything this time.  I had the correct paperwork, and we were only had to wait about 20 minutes for our turn.  The guy behind the desk was nice, and didn't throw things, but then he told me that there was a flag on my license and that I'd have to call the Louisiana DMV to get it removed.

     At this point I just decided that I was done with this, and I started venting my frustration to J about the injustice of ever having to need a license to drive in the first place, and then having to have said license to drive, even though I obviously knew how to drive, since I've been doing it since I was 17.  Unfortunately, venting to J doesn't get much accomplished, but I felt better.  Then I called the Louisiance DMV only to find out that the flag was on my license because the car I had sold 2 years ago didn't have insurance.  You know, because I had sold it!  Well that took another week to get removed, because not only did I sell it, but the guy I sold it to had totaled it, so none of us had kept the paperwork for it.  Because it had been totaled!!!  Anyway I finally got the flag off my license, and I went back the next week to get my license.  Because it was September by this point, I had to take the test.  And I frickin' failed it!!!!! 

     Leaving the DMV for the fourth time without a license, I just couldn't help but laugh.  (As I drove home, btw, license be damned!)  I'm 25 years old, and I failed the driver's exam.  In my defense, one of the questions asked, "If you are driving 55mph on the interstate, how much space should be between you and the car in front of you? a)200 ft b)300ft c)400 ft d)500ft"   My thought process was, Why the hell would I be driving 55mph on the interstate???  At any rate, I tucked my tail between my legs, and I asked the women behind the desk for a driver's manual.  I spent that night highlighting the fact that it's 400ft if you're going 55mph on the interstate (not that I ever drive that speed in order to put it into practice).  I can also tell you that your horn should be heard up to 200ft away.  And all that useless knowledge added nothing to my life, but I finally got my license.  Fifth time's the charm!

     Now that I've gotten that off of my chest, how about some fun kids lunches to lighten the mood?

Rose Bento Box

This box is very similar to the DIY Lunchables I posted about a while back, but instead of ham, I used turkey pepperoni to make the rose shape.  Basically if you fold several slices of pepperoni in half, and layer them around the outside of a cupcake liner, working your way in, you form a rose-like shape.  The final pepperoni in the middle is folded in half and rolled before placed in the center of the "rose".    I served it with crackers, cheese, pickles, pretzels, grapes and broccoli.

DIY Wraps

This one was quick and easy.  I simply put ham, cheese, sliced tomatoes, and tortillas in one part of the box for Monkey to make her own wraps.  I served them with cherry tomatoes, grapes, and carrots.  To make it a little more fun, I drew faces on the tortillas using food markers.

Elephant Sandwiches

      This was another simple one.  All I did was make a ham sandwich and cut it out into elephant shapes using my sandwich cutters.  I added the eyes and mouths using food markers.  Next I threw in some pretzels, a boiled egg, some grapes, and some grape tomatoes.

Breakfast Bento Box

     This one took a little more planning.  I baked these breakfast muffins using the same recipe I posted for Bacon Jalapeño Cheesy Bread.  Simply put the batter a muffin tin and adjust the baking time to about 35 minutes.  This recipe makes 12 muffins.  I threw one in Monkey's box with a banana, watermelon, broccoli (okay, not breakfast, but still healthy), and a boiled egg decorated to look like a happy sunshine.

Chicken Salad Bento

     This box was very easy too.  I shipped Monkey off to school with this yummy lunch of chicken salad (for the recipe, click here), crackers, cubed cheese, celery sticks, and half of an apple.

Pretzel Kabob Bento

     This one was a bit more fun than those simple kabobs I posted before because Monkey can eat the stick too.  I just threw in some pretzel sticks, ham, cheese cubes (in the fun princess box), grape tomatoes, and cucumbers (in cute little star shapes).  

     Now I have to go.  I have clinical.  And yes, I'm legally able to drive there now :-P

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