Thursday, September 29, 2011

"You Can Write, but You Can't Edit"

 Unfortunately for me I have the "Pina Coladas" song stuck in my head.  It's unfortunate because I really want to listen to my "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack, but my husband is sleeping.  So I guess I'm stuck rocking out to "Pina Coladas" (in my head at least).

    Lately I've had a bit of trouble with blogging.  I haven't been able to think of what I wanted to write or how I wanted to come across, so I could never get started.  I couldn't figure out what was making this so hard, and then it hit me.   The problem was I was trying to plan what to write.  Unlike everything else in my life, writing is not something I plan; it works best for me if I just let it run its course.  Also, I've been trying to write by thinking of the reader first.  As much as I appreciate y'all reading this, I didn't start it for anyone other than me.  I write because I enjoy it, and it helps me get things off my chest, even without airing my dirty laundry for all the world to see.
    I think this form of editing, or more like "pre-editing", has carried over into my daily life.  Being so afraid of what someone might think or say has become a huge hinderance.  Who am I living my life for anyway, them or me?  I think I can officially wave "bye-bye" to editing my life.

   I saw this on Pinterest the other night (go figure), and it really spoke to me, so I will leave you with these words of wisdom to ponder this evening, before I join my darling J in dreamland :-)

 P.S.--Ten points to the first person to tell me who the singer of the song in the title is, and 5 points to whoever gets the name of the song :-)


  1. Escape by Rupert Holmes ??? Or Paul. I think Holmes. Paul was the transcended that did Santa Baby. Lol. Sang Santa Baby.

  2. Haha, no. It's Regina Spektor "Edit", but I E for effort :-)