Friday, September 18, 2015

I'm Trying to Be Productive Here

     It's September.  My last blog post was in July.  You may be asking, "What happened to August?".  Well, although my last post should have ushered in a new age of consistent, uninterrupted blog posts (the likes of which this blog hasn't seen since my days as a stay-at-home mommy), sadly that has not been the case.  Why?  Simply put: I've had a case of the "I don't wanna's" since graduating.  I obtained a BSN, followed by an RN, and then I even secured a job, so if I want to sit around my house and color adult coloring pages until I start working, I'm entitled to do that, right?  .....Right?
     *sigh*  I was supposed to run 8 miles today, but instead I crawled back into bed once I saw my daughter off to school from the bus stop.  I did not wake up again until 0900.  It was glorious.  However, in order to not feel like today was a total waste, I've decided to revisit this poor, neglected blog.  How about some fun lunches for your little one?

Charlotte's Web Bento
 After reading this classic tale to Monkey as a bedtime story, I surprised her with this Charlotte's Web-inspired lunch.  There's Wilbur made with these easy-to-use sandwich cutters.  Charlotte was cut from the wax of a Babybel.  Wilbur's "trough" is filled with yummy pretzels.  And you can see the goose with her seven eggs that will later hatch into goslings, while one egg was doomed to rot in Templeton's collection.  I threw in some snow peas and grapes for sides, and sent Monkey off to school, excited to eat her fun lunch.

Spaghetti and Meatballs
For this lunch I prepared wheat rotini and turkey meatballs the night before.  I added some spaghetti sauce, black grapes, celery sticks, and a pepper jack cheese stick to complete this meal.

Under the Sea Bento
This one was fun to make, because it was the first time I got to use the egg molds an awesome friend bought for me.  I made the fish-shaped egg using the mold, and then I made a starfish sandwich.  Then I cut a fish out of the wax of a Babybel.  Next I made this cute sea-snail from a Halo orange by cutting away most of the peel. I added the Goldfish and grape tomatoes as sides and called it good.

DIY Pizza Bagels
I've made DIY Pizza lunches before, but I usually used my homemade English muffins as the pizza crust.  To save time, I decided to use store-bought bagels for this lunch.  I like bagels because they are super easy to write on, and Monkey loves them.  I put some pizza sauce in the little Cinderella box pictured, and I added some sliced ham and Mozzarella cheese for toppings.  For sides, I added grapes,   an orange, and a bit of broccoli.

Cars That Go Vroom Bento
(If you have that song in your head now, you're welcome.)
For this one, I used the other egg mold in the pack my friend bought for me, which makes the little car-shaped egg you see there.  I used cookie cutters to cut out the car-shaped sandwiches, and I decorated them using my food markers.  Next I designed a stop light on a Babybel using food markers.  Then I added a Go-Gurt and an orange for sides.

School Days Bento
This bento was Monkey's first-day-of-school lunch.  It features a pencil-shaped sandwich, complete with cheese to form the standard #2 pencil look, as well as a bit of lunch meat to form the pink eraser.  I then cut an A+ in a Babybel and added some carrot sticks.  I also packed a handful of Alphabet Cheezits and a few strawberries.

Snow White Bento
For this lunch I used a simple circle cookie cutter to form a circle sandwich to form Snow's face, which I then decorated with food markers.  I surrounded the sandwich with snow peas.  Then I cut a "bite" from an apple using a small cookie cutter.  Next using another small cookie cutter, I cut an apple in the wax of a Babybel.  This I put on a bed of pretzels.

Dino Bento
For this bento I cut two different dino sandwiches from two different dino cookie cutters.  I then used my handy food markers once again to draw cracks on the shell of a boiled egg.  This I laid on a "nest" of pretzels.  I added a pair of Halo oranges and a pepper jack cheese stick for sides.

Breakfast Bento
On Sundays, J and Monkey can usually convince me to make pancakes for breakfast, and every now and then I have enough foresight to make a few mini ones for Monday's lunch.  These pancakes are a slightly healthier version, made with Greek yogurt (for the recipe click here).  I packed a bit of syrup in the Cinderella box for dipping, and then I filled the remaining containers with strawberries, a cheese stick, and a boiled egg.

Breakfast for Lunch (Again)
For a different take on breakfast for lunch, I simply packed a bagel with cream cheese (in the Cinderella box), an egg, a bit of broccoli, and some grapes.

Puppy Bento 
This was another easy lunch to prepare.  I used a circle cookie cutter to cut the bread and meat for the sandwich, which I then decorated with food markers and candy eyes.  For the floppy ears, I simply used a bit of the crust and secured them in place with a dab of mustard.  Then I cut a bone shape from the wax of a Babybel.  I added grapes, and snow peas as sides, and called it a day.

     Hopefully these fun lunches will inspire you to jazz up your kiddos plain ol' PB&J with some fun new twists!


  1. Geez.... You're incredible! o_O I feel ike such a slacker and I don't even have a kid! (Maybe that's part of the slacking.)

    1. Awe thanks, lol. Kids are motivational in their own little way ;-)