Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nighttime Musings

     You know, growing up I was always one of those kids who could be seen on any given day bringing home a critter or two.  In second grade when we studied the life-cycle of a chicken egg, I was one of the lucky few whose parents let her take a chicken home.  When the resident library cat at school had kittens, my Daddy let me haul one home.  So it was no surprise that the day I fell in love with my husband was the day we were driving home from church, and he pulled over on the side of a busy highway to rescue a poor lost dog from almost getting hit.  Tonight on the way home from Monkey's dance class, when I saw a stray cat on the side on the road, my heart almost burst when my husband slammed on the breaks so that I could clamber out and check him for a collar.

     In any relationship, as time goes by you tend to take things for granted.  You say you won't, that it won't happen to you.  You'll be immune to such an atrocity because you value your love more, but as time goes by you'll start to forget.  It's a sad truth, but the good thing is, if you're lucky, or if you're vigilant, something will come along that will remind you of those things you've forgotten.  And if you're wise enough, you'll use those reminders to help you  not take those things for granted anymore.

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