Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm NOT ready for a big-girl bed!

     Like most of you out there, lately I've been trying to come up with a few ways to earn a little bit of extra cash, and I think I've finally come up with a solution.  I started making bows for Ryleigh a while back, but I wasn't very good at all, but with a bit of practice I think I've gotten a bit better.  I'm seriously considering selling these bows for about $5.00 each.  So if you think that's a good idea or if you'd like to buy one (or two or three or four) leave me a comment and let me know.  Here are a few of the ones I've made so far:





Christmas Tree

   Each bow will vary slightly simply because they're homemade.

   Last night, J was sweet enough to bathe the Monkey and get her ready for bed while I worked away on these bows.  Just as I'm attempting to get Tiana's hair just right, Monkey comes running in, calling "Mommy, Daddy need you to make my bed."  Puzzled I respond with, "Daddy knows how to make your bed, baby."   Again she says, "Mommy, Daddy needs you to make my bed."  Now I'm getting frustrated b/c Tiana's head is looking a little lopsided, the overhead light is flickering, causing a strain on my eyes, and Monkey is jumping up and down on my foot insisting that I make her bed.  That's when J pokes his head in and explains that he needs me to show him how to transform her crib into the toddler day bed.

   Instantly I went on the attack.

   "What do you mean 'transform her bed'?  She doesn't like the day bed.  She likes the crib!"

    J: "She asked if she could sleep in a big-girl bed."

    Me:  "Did she really or did you put her up to it?"

    J:  "No; I suggested it, and now she wants to give it a try.  How do I transform it?"

    Me:  "You don't!  She won't sleep in it like that!  I've tried it before, and she doesn't like it.  She's my baby, and babies sleep in cribs."

   Yes, in retrospect I do realize how pathetic my defenses were, and they were probably less effective due to the squeaky voice with which they were delivered.

    J: "Fine!  I'll just figure it out myself."

    Me: "Fine, she won't sleep in it anyway.  She'll be crying in about 15 minutes and getting out the bed and coming to find us."

    J: *shrugs* "That's fine.  Let's just try it and see."

    I know what y'all are thinking, why is she getting so worked up over a toddler bed?  I guess it's just because this is the last baby thing Ryleigh still does.  She's potty trained, she walks around the mall instead of sitting in a stroller, and she doesn't nap or want me to rock her to sleep, so the crib was my last sign that she is, in fact, still my baby.  I know she'll always be my baby, but I just wasn't prepared for that, and J sort of hit me with it out of left field.  And then he got the smug satisfaction of watching Monkey pass out after five minutes with no problems whatsoever! 

   So this is where it starts!  She's growing up, and I can't stop her.  So here's to midnight wake up calls from a little person standing by my bed saying, "Mommy, can I sleep with you?".   Here's to intimate moments requiring a locked door.  Here's to not being able to roll over an pretend I don't hear her when she wakes up at 5:00 in the morning!  I thought walking was bad, but now she's being let loose at night!  I don't think I'm handling this well at all. *sigh*    Sometimes this whole parenting thing sucks!

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  1. Too funny! Although I'm with you on the idea of her growing up too fast. :-( Our kids (well, our generations' kids since I don't have my own yet) can't grow up because then we get old. They're required to stay at two years old forever. Just old enough for a little independence, not too old to want to climb into your lap, snuggle, and say "read me" while holding out their favorite book. ^_^