Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mop Juice is Good for the Soul

   The sad thing about this photo is that I don't find it funny; I completely agree.  If you asked my darling husband, he would probably tell you that I have a serious problem.  He might even venture so far as to say that my control issues lead me to seek out a chore such as mopping that may make me feel in control of my life.  And you know what?  He might just be a little right.

    There's something so soothing about mopping after a busy, toddler-filled day.  I read somewhere that Zen Buddhists believe that the chaos in your mind is reflected in your home.  That is completely true for me, so it's no wonder that I look forward to my once-a-week mopping session to clean out all of the crevices in my mind as I'm cleaning up the sticky grape juice on my floor.  It certainly leaves me feeling accomplished and at peace.  (That is until my daughter wakes up, at any rate.)

   So back to the busy, toddler-filled day.  Today is Thursday, which means we took a trip to the library for story time.  We also picked up our new letter book.

   She looks so enthused....

   And as I've mentioned, a new letter book means new letter-oriented crafts.  I'm so excited about this letter because I've come up with a list of things that start with "p".

   A few days ago my new kitty, VooDoo,  ate a piece of the puzzle that was hiding in the guest bedroom, just waiting to be framed.  Instead of throwing it out, a little voice told me to keep them for crafts.  I'm so glad I listened.  Today we made a puzzle piece picture phrame.  ;-)  I also had monkey color a pretty princess picture to go inside of it.  I caught her eating the crayons, however, so the poor princess is only partially pretty.

   I was so excited to have a plethora of "p" words, that we did a second craft.  I got the idea for this one here while I was adding crafts to my Halloween board on  I really like the way it came out, and Ryleigh had fun "painting" with food coloring.

We did three sheets of these, and once they were dry I cut them into strips.  (The original poster had a paper shredder that made her job easier.)

I pretty much had to take over at this point.  Monkeys don't have the attention span to weave strips of paper.  So while Monkey watched a princess movie (Tangled), I made this:

   After weaving it I glued it to a piece of white card stock and added a border.  I really liked the effect, and Monkey has the makings of a Picasso protege.  (I'm sorry; I can't stop the alliterations.)

   And, just for good measure we painted Monkey's toenails and fingernails.  Even Roux got a pedicure.

  So after properly preoccupying the pretty princess for the proper proportions of the....

Okay, I give up.

   So after a day of keeping my baby girl preoccupied with wonderfully educational crafts I was ready for some mommy time.

If only....

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  1. The pretty princess picture and puzzle piece project is pleasantly eye-popping. (I couldn't think of a "p" word to end it, so I went with a compound word!)

    Also, I love the place mat. Too precious! Now it just needs to be laminated so that it won't make a mess if it gets wet when she uses it. :-D